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registered adj
1 (of animals) officially recorded with or certified by a recognized breed association; especially in a stud book; "a registered Percheron" [ant: unregistered]
2 listed or recorded officially; "record is made of `registered mail' at each point on its route to assure safe delivery"; "registered bonds" [ant: unregistered]
3 (of a boat or vessel) furnished with necessary official documents specifying ownership etc

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  1. past of register


  1. having had one's name added to an official list or entered into a register
    a registered nurse
    a registered voter


having had one's name added to an official list
  • Dutch: ingeschreven
  • German: eingetragen, registriert
  • Spanish: registrado

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booked, documented, down, enrolled, entered, filed, indexed, inscribed, legal, logged, minuted, of record, official, on file, on record, on the books, posted, recorded, written down
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